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Otago Hunt Week 2023, supported by PGG Wrightson, Outram


We have secured some great prices of products from PGG Wrightson, Outram for you. Please not how many bags/bales you require in the below boxes. Leave any unrequired feeds empty.

Your feed will be available at the tent, ready for you. 

All feed needs to be ordered by the 20th of March to allow delivery time. 

Payment for hay can be made to the Otago Hunt Club account. 

Payment for feed bags can be made to PGG Wrightson Outram, you can ring and pass on your card details. Alternatively, you can leave your credit card details at the end of this form and we will pass it on for you. 

CONTACT: PGG Wrightson, Outram
03 486 2991
28 Holyhead Street, Outram

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